Danell Person

I have experience working in many mediums including leather tooling, soft metal manipulation and wood working but I always drift back to fabric. The Apparel Technologies program taught me the skills to take it from a hobby to a profession. Now I can integrate multiple mediums into creative costumes for theater and custom pieces for adventurous clients.

My clothing line is called Reflections of Dior. This collection is a call back to the days when haute couture was at its peak. The designs that were produced at that time were made from expensive fabrics with exquisite detail in feminine silhouettes. This is what I strive for.

Intricate details and contrasting colors are my main inspiration. I enjoy making garments come alive with three dimensional design details and textures. Incorporating beading, fabric manipulation and customizing the fabric is part of the process.

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Look 1: A Dutch boy skirt in teal taffeta with a sculptured bodice in grass green taffeta with beaded detail.
Photographer: Zainab Youngmark
Model: Katie O’Reilly
MUA: Daisy Martinez
Hair: Keisha Bien

Look 2: A cocktail dress with a pin tucked bodice using gold fabric with a black cross grain underlaid with a coral chiffon and gold skirt overlaid with a plum organza with fabric manipulation and gold beading.
Photographer: Zainab Youngmark
Model: Koisey Hiama
MUA: Jai Williams-Cruse
Hair: Koisey Hiama