Jillianne Elletson

I was 5 when I tried my hand at clothing construction for the first time. My family and I went to a play and when we returned home I tried to recreate one of the dresses using neon construction paper and tape. It may not have looked professional but I was proud of it. While in High School I continued taking art and sewing classes. I wanted to design my own clothes. To improve my sewing skills I decided to take Apparel classes at MCTC. I now strive to construct professional looking clothing.
After trying different careers and serving in the military, I now find clothing design very satisfying.

I’m infatuated with design from different eras. My inspiration for this line originally came from my work with furniture upholstery. After looking at multiple patterns, textures and details found in upholstery, I decided to mix patterns and textures with design elements from the past.

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Look 1: Pants/Top
Photographer: Zainab Youngmark
Photo Assistant: Marina Lang
Model: Lena Pelini
MUA: Sean Riley
Hair: Keisha Marie

Look 2: Jacket/Dress
Photographer: Zainab Youngmark
Photo Assistant: Marina Lang
Model: Sadie Pelini
MUA: Leah Cunningham
Hair: Jonathan Gibson

Designer contact: jealexa822@yahoo.com